The Winter Litter Gets a Letter

This season, we’ve been featuring the heartwarming story of the “Winter Litter,” a trio of kittens who were able to come in from the cold and get the care they needed to recover. The three brothers – Mittens, Snowfall, and Solstice – are currently in SAFe Rescue’s medical treatment room, growing strong and healthy so that they can find loving homes.

In today’s mail, they received a very special letter from two young cat lovers who donated their allowance money to help homeless kittens like them. Here’s what happened when we read the kitties their holiday message:

Mittens thought the drawing looked just like him! He tried to read the letter….

Then he tried to eat it… Silly kitten!

Of course Snowfall had to join in the fun!

Snowfall had his own letter, too….

Meanwhile, Solstice was enjoying lots of chin scratches!

As you can see, the Winter Litter had a wonderful afternoon because of the kindness of these young community members. It warms our heart to see such generosity and caring, and we send heartfelt thanks to all of you for helping homeless cats like Mittens, Snowfall, and Solstice. Happy holidays to you!

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