Warm Fuzzy Tale: Lehma

Lehma, initially apprehensive about starting his new life after arriving at SAFe Rescue, gradually revealed his sweet and blossoming personality thanks to patience, understanding, and the opportunity for a second chance.

New Beginnings

Last November, Lehma* (formerly known as Mickie) was brought to SAFe Rescue from Yakima, WA. It was evident that he did not feel comfortable around humans yet. This could be seen just by looking at his ears, which were said to be the “flattest ever seen” (flat ears = unhappy cat). He was given an opportunity to warm up to his new life in a supportive foster home. Though initially shy, and as described by his foster family, “scared of the world,” they believed in Lehma and continued to make adjustments to help him feel safe and secure. Eventually, in typical cat fashion, he became “used to petting…as long as food is available.”

After just 5 weeks, Lehma was turning into a social boy! He began to play with wand toys, came out for pets and treats, and started rolling around for fun. He even started to initiate interactions with strangers.

By February, Lehma was ready to find a home of his own. His foster family started to arrange meet and greets with potential adopters, and Lehma did exceptionally well! He was officially adopted a few days later by the very first person to visit him. While there were concerns about how he would handle the transition, our Foster Specialist, Michelle noted that “he has really transformed and shown us what he is capable of.”

*His fur’s resemblance to a dairy cow inspired his adopter to rename Mickie to Lehma, the Finnish word for “cow.”

Settling In

His adopter understood that patience would be necessary and took things slow, gradually testing what Lehma would tolerate. By the end of the month, he was still nervous but was gaining confidence, even allowing the occasional belly scratch. His adopter remarked, “he seems to have a really sweet personality, which I am excited to see more and more of!”

The Power of Patience

Overall, Lehma’s story truly demonstrates the impact of giving a cat a second chance. Instead of facing judgment for his behavior, he was met with empathy and understanding. The commitment to Lehma is inspiring, and we wish him all the best in his new home!

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