Foster of the Month: Zoie D.

This May in Foster of the Month, we’re excited to be sharing the story of Zoie D. Why She Fosters Much like our previous Foster of the Month, Zoie began considering foster life upon discovering […]

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John, our volunteer of the month, leans from left of frame making an exaggeratedly excited expression at a black cat on the right. The cat is very poised and meets his gaze with a mildly curious expression.

Volunteer of the Month: John P.

Here at Seattle Area Feline Rescue (SAFe), volunteers are the heartbeat of our organization. Their dedication and passion for our cause are what keep our operations running smoothly and our kitty friends happy. Today, we’re […]

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A young woman with bangs smiles at the camera while a small kitten pokes its head out from the top of her hoodie.

Foster of the Month: Rebecca S.

With the warmer months a.k.a. kitten season fast approaching, SAFe Rescue is lucky to be able to send so many young cats to wonderful foster homes like Rebecca’s. Rebecca has been doing so much for […]

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Volunteer of the Month: Kellen

If you’ve ever admired the tidy shelves of donations making up SAFe Rescue’s Pet Pantry, you can thank Kellen! A high school student and athlete, Kellen juggles Running Start college courses, football practice, and board […]

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Foster of the Month: Anna B

This month we celebrate a foster who has been a regular with SAFe Rescue since 2019: Anna B! Over the years, Anna’s human family has taken in many feline broods–usually litters of kittens and their […]

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A white medium-haired cat with brown tabby patches snoozes peacefully on a cat tree platform.

Do Cats Dream?

Have you ever noticed a cat seemingly possessed in its slumber — paws twitching, eyes fluttering? It’s not an uncommon sight for cat owners, prompting the question: “Do Cats Dream?“ Though it is challenging to […]

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