I Lost My Cat

If your cat is lost you should do the following:

  • Update your contact info with the microchip company.
  • Contact shelters that have authority to take in lost cats in your area.
  • Post flyers in your neighborhood.
  • Check local websites for found animals and post your lost pet.
  • Consider using a live trap to recover lost indoor cats.

Updating Microchip Information

Make sure that the microchip company has your current address and phone number whenever you move. With your cat’s chip number, you can contact the microchip company to update your information. We use Found Animals for rescue kitties, and you can update your information via their website. If you adopted from us but do not know your cat’s microchip number, we can find it for you. Contact us and let us know the name of the adopter, pet description and approximate adoption date. (206-659-6220 or info@seattleareafelinerescue.org). Your veterinarian may also have your cat’s chip number on record.

Let us know your cat was lost, in case we are contacted. Contact us at 206-659-6220 or info@seattleareafelinerescue.org and give us the date and location where your pet was lost and your current contact information.

Contact Your Municipal Shelter

Each city and county handles stray pets differently. Typically, stray cats can only be accepted by authorized shelters, making it easier for you to connect with your lost pet. Many rescues, like SAFe Rescue, do not have the authority to take in stray cats. The following shelters operate in our area and have authority to take in stray animals (note that you may need to contact multiple shelters if you live in some cities). Do not waste your time calling shelters and rescues that cannot take in strays.

 Municipal Shelters with Authority to Take in Stray Animals

  • Seattle Animal Shelter, 206-386-7387(PETS) Accepts strays from Seattle.
  • Regional Animal Services of King County, (206) 296-7387 Accepts strays from Beaux Arts, Bellevue, Black Diamond, Carnation, Clyde Hill, Covington, Duvall, Enumclaw, Issaquah, Kenmore, Kent, Kirkland, Lake Forest Park, Maple Valley, Mercer Island, Newcastle, North Bend, Redmond, Sammamish, SeaTac, Shoreline, Snoqualmie, Tukwila, Woodinville, Yarrow Point
  • PAWS, (425) 787-2500 Accepts strays from Brier, Edmonds, Kenmore, Lake Forest Park, Mill Creek, Mountlake Terrace, Mukilteo, Shoreline and Woodinville.

*NOTE: animal control contracts do sometimes change, so we cannot guarantee that this list is up to date. Please contact your local animal control or municipal shelter for more information.

Post Flyers in Your Neighborhood

Many well-meaning people find strays and keep them because they are afraid they will be euthanized if taken to a local shelter. This means one of your neighbors may have your cat and be looking for you. We suggest you post “lost” flyers with a picture in your neighborhood (or where the cat was lost).

Check Local Websites for Found Animals and Post Your Lost Pet

We also suggest you post a lost pet listing on Petco Love Lost, Craigslist, Facebook, and local community groups. You may also want to check websites like Lost my Kitty to look for found pets and help circulate flyers to local shelters, veterinarians, and rescues who participate. Use these same resources to search found pet advertisements.

Consider a Trap for Lost Indoor Cats

Indoor cats that have escaped usually stay near home. Since they aren’t used to finding their own food, they are also happy to find their favorite food waiting for them, but may still be difficult to catch or lure back inside. In these cases, you may want to set up a humane trap for your cat that lures them in with food and keeps them contained until you can retrieve them. SAFe Rescue has a limited amount of traps that you can borrow for free. (We charge a refundable security deposit.) Contact us at 206-659-6220 or info@seattleareafelinerescue.org for more information on trapping your lost pet.

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