Kitty Wish List

Wish Lists

View our Amazon Wish List and Chewy Wish List to help make the kitties’ dreams come true! SAFe Rescue is seeking gifts of food, toys, litter, and more to help keep the felines healthy and happy, as they look for loving homes.

Donating Items & Products

The Rescue takes donated items on a case-by-case basis, depending on the current need of supplies. If we are unable to use the items in shelter, we can likely use them in our Stay SAFe Pet Pantry (see below). Email if you have items to donate and we can direct you where to drop them off.

One recurring need that the Rescue needs is blankets! We are always looking for handmade blankets to give the kitties during their time at the rescue before they head home with adopters (they take their blankets into their new home too!). The typical size of blankets that work best is 2′ x 2′. For more information and instructions on making blankets, plus access to free patterns, you can visit: Please email if you have any additional questions.

Donating Medications & Medical Supplies

If you have medication or medical supplies that you are hoping to donate, we are able to take some non-expired medications and limited medical supplies on a case-by-case basis. SAFe’s Medical team evaluates the current need of supplies based on the cats in our care. Please send a list of the items you have to and someone will get back to you as soon as we can.

Stay SAFe Pet Pantry

Just outside our Adoption Center doors, we have created a community pantry to help local pet owners keep their furry family members fed and cared for. If you have any extra pet food or supplies (feline or canine), you can help ease the stress of others who are struggling during this time of uncertainty. If you are in need of supplies yourself, please visit the pantry and take what would be helpful for you and your pets. 

Currently, the pantry is open 24/7 and is located next to our front door at 14717 Aurora Ave N. Shoreline, WA 98133. To donate food, supplies, or other pet items to the pantry, please leave them on the pantry shelves any time. 

  • Food: Please make sure that open bags are securely closed to prevent spills. If food is not in its original packaging, we ask that you label it with the brand and what animal it’s for.
  • *Prescription Food: We ask that for prescription food donations to the pantry that you place the items into the labeled bin for prescription/medical specific food. Unfortunately, we cannot accept Y/D prescription food at the Pantry.
  • Litter: Please make sure that any open bags are securely closed to prevent spills.
  • Gently used items: Please clean or sanitize thoroughly before dropping off the donations.  

This pet pantry is a great way to stay safe while making a big difference in a cat or dog’s life at the same time! We appreciate your support!

*SAFe Rescue also recommends using Nextdoor, Buy Nothing, or other neighborhood groups to connect you with local kitty owners in your community that may have immediate need for prescription food for their feline. Someone will be very grateful to have it!

Thank you for supporting this community resource, and for making sure that local pet owners can care for their furry friends!

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