Foster of the Month: Sarah

Introducing Sarah

Meet Sarah, a wonderful foster who has been with SAFe for several years, and the May Foster of the Month! She currently has the joy of caring for a mama cat and three adorable kittens. Remarkably, this comes just three days after she returned a lively litter of six kittens to us!

Sarah’s willingness to take on any challenge enables her to provide excellent care for all types of cats. From nurturing mama cats, to caring for the tiniest of kittens, and attending to senior felines, she handles it all with unwavering commitment.

Sarah does it all: administering medications, socializing shy cats and kittens, and when we ask Sarah, “How many kittens can you take at a time?” Her response is always “unlimited!” Her love for cats of all kinds is evident, and we trust her to cater to their unique needs while promptly addressing any concerns that arise.

Why Foster?

Curious about what inspired Sarah to begin fostering, we asked about her story: Although she longed to have cats of her own, her busy lifestyle, filled with house-sitting and travel, made it challenging. Fostering became the perfect solution for Sarah, allowing her to satisfy her love for cats by assisting felines in need. 

Most Rewarding and Challenging Moments

The most fulfilling moments for her have been witnessing kittens grow from their early days and nursing sick cats back to health, enabling them to find their forever homes.

While fostering brings immense rewards, it can also present challenges and valuable learning opportunities. One unforgettable experience for Sarah was when she discovered her foster cat was pregnant. The cat unexpectedly went into labor shortly after Sarah received her.

Acting as a midwife, Sarah assisted the struggling mama cat through her labor. It was an intense experience. Despite the surprise, she provided excellent care and helped the mama cat give birth to two kittens. To Sarah’s amazement, a third kitten arrived the following morning! Fortunately, everyone thrived, and they all found loving homes.

Advice for Fosters

For those considering fostering, Sarah offers some advice, “Jump in and do it! You will meet an interesting variety of cats.”

It comes as no surprise that Sarah continually returns to care for more cats. She’ll be the first to tell you, “I can’t live without cats!” Well, Sarah, we have plenty of cats for you, and we are happy to have you on the team!

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