Volunteer of the Month: Kellen

If you’ve ever admired the tidy shelves of donations making up SAFe Rescue’s Pet Pantry, you can thank Kellen! A high school student and athlete, Kellen juggles Running Start college courses, football practice, and board […]

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Foster of the Month: Anna B

This month we celebrate a foster who has been a regular with SAFe Rescue since 2019: Anna B! Over the years, Anna’s human family has taken in many feline broods–usually litters of kittens and their […]

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A white medium-haired cat with brown tabby patches snoozes peacefully on a cat tree platform.

Do Cats Dream?

Have you ever noticed a cat seemingly possessed in its slumber — paws twitching, eyes fluttering? It’s not an uncommon sight for cat owners, prompting the question: “Do Cats Dream?“ Though it is challenging to […]

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Cat makes funny face

Decoding “Stink Face”

Cats are often portrayed in media as mysterious and difficult to decipher, but if you know what to look for you, can decode your kitty’s thoughts and foster deeper connections.  One of the easier expressions […]

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Suzi, our featured November Foster of the Month, looks into the camera while three gray tabby kittens drape like a cuddly scarf around her neck.

Foster of the Month: Suzi

When Suzi was about to retire, she thought “I’m going to have more time now… What should I do with it?” As a nurse, she loved taking care of others and wanted to continue nurturing […]

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Short-haired grey cat holds its leg in the air and picks its paw.

Displacement Grooming

Something cats and people have in common. By Seth Mueller Imagine a cat, the epitome of grace, poised on a high perch, preparing a magnificent leap.  The room holds its breath in anticipation. Then, a […]

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Foster of the Month: Inma and Family

This September, we’re shining the spotlight on Inma and Carlen who, along with their daughter, are celebrating their one-year anniversary as part of the SAFe foster family. Throughout their fostering journey, they’ve seen kittens make […]

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