Surrendering Your Cat

Seattle Area Feline Rescue accepts owner-surrendered cats on a limited basis:

  • Our first priority is cats that were originally adopted from SAFe Rescue. If your cat came from us or Animal Talk Rescue, please let us know.
  • Our second priority is cats that are in other shelters, rescues, and partner groups.

If you need to re-home a cat, we suggest that you start by reaching out to friends, family, neighbors and local community members. Your kitty’s new home may be closer than you think!

Going straight from your home to a new owner is the least stressful option for your feline.

Adopt-a-Pet’s “Rehome” database is a helpful resource that makes it easy for you to showcase your kitty and post a bio that’s published alongside available rescue kitties for local adopters to browse. The online pet adoption community Get Your Pet is also designed to help you post and rehome your pet directly.


For more tips on finding your kitty a new home, please see our article on rehoming cats.

If you adopted your cat from another organization, we suggest you contact them to see if they will accept the cat. They may be able to help sooner than we can.

If you would like us to consider your kitty for intake, please email us at and include:

1) Why and when your kitty needs a new home.*
2) Information about your kitty’s health, age, personality, and behavior.
3) The date of your kitty’s last vaccines and veterinary exam.
4) A link to your kitty’s Rehome and Get Your Pet profiles.

PLEASE NOTE: Providing this information does not guarantee the cat a space in the rescue: we do not have the resources to respond to every request. Due to the high volume of inquiries we receive, if we do assess that we are able to help your kitty, it may take weeks or months before we are able to offer a space. We suggest contacting other organizations as well and continuing your efforts to reach out to local networks to rehome the kitty.

*As a private rescue, we are only able to take in surrendered cats directly from their legal owners. If you are not the legal owner or if the cat is a stray, please contact your local municipal shelter.

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