Cat makes funny face

Decoding “Stink Face”

Cats are often portrayed in media as mysterious and difficult to decipher, but if you know what to look for you, can decode your kitty’s thoughts and foster deeper connections.  One of the easier expressions […]

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Short-haired grey cat holds its leg in the air and picks its paw.

Displacement Grooming

Something cats and people have in common. By Seth Mueller Imagine a cat, the epitome of grace, poised on a high perch, preparing a magnificent leap.  The room holds its breath in anticipation. Then, a […]

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The Importance of Confining Your New Kitty

Bringing home a new cat is an exciting time, and there’s one important step you can take right away to help create a smooth transition: confine your kitty! Starting in a small room promotes good litter box habits, and helps ensure your new furry friend becomes a happy and well-adjusted family member!

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Foster of the Month: Sarah

Meet May’s Foster of the Month, Sarah—an exceptional foster with an unwavering love for cats! From mama cats, to tiny kittens, and senior felines, Sarah fearlessly takes on any challenge that comes her way

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