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Types of Foster Scenarios

  • Litters of kittens too young for adoption
  • Bottle-baby kittens who require round-the-clock care
  • Adult cats who need socialization before adoption
  • Adult cats who don’t cope well at the adoption center and require a home environment
  • Sick cats or kittens who need time and TLC to help them recover

Requirements to Foster Kittens and Cats

  • Have the ability to keep foster cats or kittens indoors and separate from your household pets.
  • Be able to make a minimum commitment of 2 weeks for an adult cat or 2-3 months for kittens. Have at least 30 minutes twice a day to spend caring for and socializing foster cats or kittens.

Transportation Requirements

Foster homes with kittens must have regular access to a car. Kittens must come into the adoption center regularly for check-ups and appointments, normally 2-4 times per month. Foster homes must also be prepared for the possibility of driving a sick kitten across the city on very short notice.

Foster homes without regular access to transportation are welcomed for adult cats in longer term foster situations. These cats usually respond best to potential adopters in a home environment, so please be open to hosting potential adopters, accompanied by an adoption counselor.

Ready to Foster?

Thank you so much for your interest in becoming a foster home for SAFe Rescue kitties. You are a valuable part of our community and allow us to save more animals. Please fill out the Foster Information Form. This form will give us an idea of what types of kitties you are interested in and able to foster. We will be in touch.

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