Volunteers of the Month: Sharon and Gordon

Some couples take lessons in dance, cooking, or a foreign language. Sharon and Gordon bond through volunteering at SAFe Rescue – on the Clean Team, to be specific. 

“Usually, we like to divide and conquer, so I do the laundry and clean the floors while Gordon does the dishes,” says Sharon.

And of course, they both make sure to get kitten time in!

Why They Volunteer

Sharon lived in Seattle for six years as a student. After spending some time away, she returned to the Emerald City a little over two years ago with her husband, Gordon. 

An avid animal lover, Sharon always wanted to volunteer at a local shelter. Conveniently, their apartment was only blocks away from SAFe’s previous location in Shoreline. 

“This is my first time volunteering at a cat shelter so I didn’t know what to expect, but people are super nice to work with!” Gordon says. “I’ve learned so much about the adoption process and all the effort that went into rescuing cats.”

He adds, “I had no idea how many kittens need help in general before volunteering at SAFe.”

Through volunteering, Sharon has become even more passionate about encouraging adoption among her friends. Earlier this year, the cat-loving couple even took home two SAFe kitties of their own. (Pictured below.)

“They were the highlights of our 2023,” Sharon says.

The Good, The Bad, and The Stinky

As much as they enjoy the kitty quality time that comes with volunteering, Sharon and Gordon acknowledge that it can be hard work. It’s not all purrs and snuggles, as Sharon found out shortly after SAFe’s move to Ballinger.

“We couldn’t see the bottom of the dirty laundry basket for a long while!” She admits.

It can get messy, but Sharon encourages prospective volunteers “not to let [that] deter them away.” All in all, volunteering gives her the satisfaction of “knowing that a couple of hours of my time weekly would add value to something meaningful and helpful for the community.”

“You won’t regret it,” Gordon adds. “It feels good to give back and be around kittens.”

Outside of SAFe Rescue

When they’re not devoting time to Rescue kitties, Sharon and Gordon love snuggling up with their furry gang at home. In addition to their two SAFe alums, they have two other cats and a dog to share the couch with!

The rainy months have been prime time for bundling up with their five blanket-mates, but Sharon is also excited to take to the slopes at Stevens Pass this season. As for Gordon, he’s most looking forward to Christmas.

Thank you, Sharon and Gordon for all your hard work keeping the Rescue clean and comfy for cats on their way to their new homes. We hope you end the year on a high note!

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