Volunteer of the Month: Quinn

SAFe Rescue is happy to announce our very first Volunteer of the Month for 2020, Quinn Sanderson! Quinn is a star volunteer who cares for kitties in SAFe Rescue’s medical treatment (or “ISO”) room. She also serves on both the Outreach and Development Committees and has completed almost 150 hours of volunteer service over the course of two years. Meow-wow!

Quinn started with SAFe Rescue because she was looking for an opportunity to help her community and to help cats… And she stayed because she loves it! As Quinn explains: “I began in ISO last year because I was ready for a new challenge and something different. I wanted to help the cats who needed extra attention and a little extra help.” 

For Quinn, the cats will always be the best part of volunteering, and through her efforts here at SAFe, she has gotten an opportunity to see all sides of the rescue’s work. Quinn especially enjoys expanding SAFe’s reach through her committees, and she also loves being a part of the action by helping cats with skin infections heal. She has had to learn a lot over her two years including how nonprofit rescues run and how “ringworm” and “isolation” are not nearly as scary as they sound!

It makes my heart happy knowing that I have something that I can come do after a rough week – it’s amazing. I love having cute cat stories to tell and it makes me happy when I leave to know I have helped. ISO is really rewarding because we make the cats healthy and get them homes. It’s so rewarding to see their spirits rise, to see them get adopted, and to see them grow up.” 

For new volunteers, Quinn’s advice is to be open to getting to know the staff and volunteers and to not be afraid to get more involved with different committees through the rescue! 

Much a-PURR-ciation to Quinn for her outstanding work, and to each and every one of you who give your time and talent to help the SAFe Rescue kitties. You are lifesavers!

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