Warm Fuzzy Tale: Luna Pepper

It’s been almost a year since Luna Pepper (formerly Friday) found her home with a loving family. Adopted from the SAFe in September 2022, Luna has seamlessly integrated herself into her new household, bringing endless joy and happiness to her adopters! 

Love at First Sight

Luna’s journey wasn’t the easiest. She came to SAFe as a kitten who was underweight and covered in lice. Though shy and scared, Luna always had a sweet nature. After spending seven weeks in the care of the Rescue, undergoing treatments for lice and a urinary infection, as well as gaining weight and socializing, Luna was finally ready for adoption! It didn’t take long for someone to fall in love with her and bring her home.

According to Luna’s adopters, the moment they brought her home, they knew it was a perfect match. “We made sure to introduce her little by little to our house and to her feline sister, but she quickly settled into our household and adapted to the new environment,” they share. “She has formed a strong bond with us and with her sister Nala, and she’s very friendly with any of our friends and family, charming them with her sociable nature.” 

Endless Play and Affection

It didn’t take long for Luna to come out of her shell and reveal her more energetic side. “Luna P. is a playful ball of energy, always entertaining us with her antics,” her family says. “She loves chasing toys, exploring, and keeping us on our toes.” Her adopters also share that Luna’s affectionate side is just as delightful as her sense of fun, adding, “We reciprocate the love and affection she shows us with plenty of cuddles and chin scratches, which she loves! She immediately turns into a purring machine—it’s so cute!”

A Loving Sister

One of the most heartwarming aspects of Luna’s adoption is her strong bond with Nala, her feline sister. Luna’s family shares that, “Luna and Nala are always playing, and chasing each other, or sleeping together cuddled up on the same bed!” Luna’s presence has undoubtedly enriched Nala’s life, and the two have become inseparable companions, adding even more joy to the home.

Luna Pepper’s adoption story serves as a shining example of the immeasurable impact that animals can have on peoples’ (and other kitties’) lives. Her playful and affectionate nature has brought boundless joy to her new family—Nala included—making her an integral part of their home. Her journey is a testament to the transformative power that receiving the proper love and care can have on a kitty’s life. Congratulations Luna Pepper, and thank you to Luna’s family for showing her the love she deserves! 

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