Pineapple’s Story

As a tiny baby, Pineapple was found outside with his brothers and sisters. The litter was struggling to survive with no momma cat to care for them. With bottle feedings, and heating pads, and lots of tender loving care in a SAFe Rescue foster home, the babies began to recover… But Pineapple still wasn’t feeling well.

This little kitten was so small and fragile that we weren’t sure if he could survive, but Pineapple wasn’t ready to give up. Even though he looked more like an alien than a kitten, he still played with his favorite pipe cleaner toys and gave the rescue humans high fives with his tiny paws.

With intense, 24-hour care, Pineapple began to grow. Little by little, he became strong enough to wrestle with his brothers and sisters, even though he was still much smaller than them.

In August, Pineapple found a home with his sister Guava. Their new cat dad loves them very much, and the rescue just received an update photo. Pineapple has grown up to be so big and sleek:

This incredible transformation shows what we can accomplish when we come together to save lives. Enjoy your wonderful life, Pineapple and Guava!

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