Board of Directors

Jennifer Cadigan, President

Even before she joined the Board of Directors, Jennifer was active in rescue leadership: she organizes the cat behavior program at SAFe. Jennifer explains: “Providing positive reinforcement clicker training to the shy and scared cats so they learn to approach people has been the most rewarding part of my work… Seeing a scared cat transform into a social, happy cat who is adopted is the goal!” Jennifer was inspired to join the Board by the opportunity to create positive, lasting change for cats, kittens, and their people. When she’s not busy serving the rescue, Jennifer—who has a Ph.D. in psychology—carries out research at the University of Washington focused on developing prevention and intervention programs for adolescent and young adult substance use. In her spare time, she enjoys baking and traveling… And teaching her adopted kitty Emma how to high-five using the techniques from SAFe’s behavior training program.

Sara Blagg, Vice President

For Sara, adopting a cat from SAFe Rescue was only the beginning! One thing led to another: her new kitty’s story inspired Sara to begin fostering… Fostering led to a “Foster Triumph” and another adoption… And these two additions to Sara’s family inspired her to give back by joining the SAFe Board of Directors. As Sara explains, “It’s always touching when the rescue can find a home for a cat who was otherwise ‘unadoptable’ or in danger of being euthanized. Two of my cats came to Seattle from California and I’m so thankful for the programs and partnerships that brought them to us… Serving the rescue is a way to give back to SAFE because we are so appreciative of what they have given us.” When she’s not busy rescuing felines and working as an attorney at the University of Washington, Sara enjoys spending time with her husband, pursuing her crafting hobbies, and caring for her cats: Martha, George and Socks.

Allison Gillespie, Treasurer

Allison dedicates her service on the Board of Directors to achieving one goal: making a big impact for animals in need! After starting out as a volunteer with the kitties, Allison was eager to put her expertise as an accountant to use: “This rescue may feel small, but we make a huge impact on the lives of cats and the community as a whole.” Watching shy cats blossom always warms Allison’s heart, and she shares her home with a grey tabby named Animal and a “tuxedo terror” aptly named Gremlin. When she’s not busy working at Amazon, Allison has a penchant for adventure. She spends her leisure hours traveling and exploring new places around the world, hiking, practicing yoga or checking out local breweries.

Kimberly Berry, Board Member at large

Kimberly’s service on the Board of Directors is an extension of her long-standing dedication to rescue animals: “I want to make a real impact so I can say I helped create true and lasting change, so no kitty is left homeless and unloved ever again.” Kimberly believes that no cat is ‘unadoptable’ and that it is deeply rewarding to find homes for those most in need. As Kimberly puts it, her favorite part of rescue work is “to be able to look a cat or kitten in the eye, and tell them the best is yet to come!” Kimberly and her husband share their home with five fur babies: Bibby, Munchie, Peppers, Ambah, and Tinky Bear. Meanwhile, Kimberly shares her yard with the community cats who live in her neighborhood, offering any felines in need a warm, safe place to sleep. When she’s not tirelessly volunteering on behalf of animals in need, Kimberly stays busy with her work as a Vice President and Manager at Homestreet Bank.

Tony Dexter, Board Member at large

Helping felines find homes is what inspires Tony’s service: “The cats in my life have always been a key component of my home happiness and can only hope they feel the same way about me.” Tony joined the rescue’s Board of Directors with the goal of helping other humans and felines find the same joy. Between work as a Regional Vice President at PRGX and rescue leadership, Tony stays extremely busy. When he does have free time, he enjoys travel, antique cars, and running. (He aspires to run another half marathon soon!) Tony’s family includes two adopted felines. Although they are siblings, you wouldn’t know it if you met them: black-haired Pepper is a little “fireball,” while laid-black Sassy resembles a ragdoll. 

Emily Dolan, Board Member at large

For Emily, rescuing animals in need is both a passion and a career. As a Director of Research in the Research and Strategy Department at the ASPCA, Emily works to find the most effective ways to advance the field of animal welfare. Emily holds a PhD in Public Health from the University of Washington and brings compassion both for animals and the people who love them to her work. Because of her commitment to research and best practices, Emily especially appreciates SAFe Rescue’s open-minded approach: “I like our commitment to evidence and to keeping our eye on the right outcomes for the cats instead of doing things a certain way because that is what we have always done. This sort of forward and expansive thinking is why we are so successful and why we are going to be able to do so many amazing things in the future.” When she is not busy serving homeless animals as a researcher, Board Member, and kitty foster parent, Emily—a black belt Nia instructor—teaches holistic fitness, farms her little garden, and enjoys the company of her two cats: a brown tabby named Buddington Friday and a black and white kitty named Colonel Ti.

David Recchia, Board Member at large

With the goal of helping kittens and cats who cannot help themselves, David was inspired to bring his experience as an HR professional to the rescue’s Board of Directors. “I believe my HR background can help the Board and the employees with many different issues, such as benefits, compensation, employee recognition, attendance, discipline, counseling, career path, and general working environment.” Although kittens are adorable, David is especially drawn to older cats: his family includes Karlie, a rescued kitty with three paws, no meows, and lots of love. When he’s not busy helping animals, you can find David working out or practicing his favorite hobby: prospecting for gold. As a member of a Prospector’s Club with five claims around the gold town of Liberty by Blewett Pass, David has one of the most unique pastimes of all the Board Members!

Casie Bowers, Board Member at Large

Casie’s kitty Charlotte inspired her to join the Board of Directors at SAFe Rescue. As Casie explains, “SAFe gave me Charlotte, so I want to give back.” After a tough start to life, Charlotte found safety at the Rescue then went home with Casie in 2019. She has since become Casie’s princess and dedicated office assistant. Casie has a passion for both cats and animal welfare: “I believe ALL kitties deserve to be loved, safe, healthy and happy.” When she isn’t busy working, advocating for homeless cats, or spending time with Charlotte, Casie loves to combine her two favorite hobbies: traveling and music! The farthest Casie has traveled to attend a concert is the small town of Rockhampton in Queensland Australia. She also enjoys learning about the history of the beautiful places she visits.  

Julie Edwards, Board Member at Large

Julie finds inspiration in SAFe Rescue’s values and respect for each feline life: “I love that SAFe works to find good outcomes for even the most difficult to place kitties.” As a foster, Julie and her family have given temporary shelter to many such felines over the years. Two of these harder-to-place cats have found a permanent place in Julie’s family, as well! Leo (pictured) received treatment for ringworm at SAFe, before capturing Julie’s heart, and Robin faced multiple challenges before he became a foster triumph. “Robin is an absolute blessing for us, and he was rescued from wildfires, near starvation, and multiple health conditions that some shelters would euthanize for.” For Julie, animal welfare is both rewarding and uplifting: “I get a lot of joy from seeing cats and humans brought together… My cats enrich my life so much that I can’t imagine it without them, and I love helping other people find that joy.” When Julie isn’t busy saving kitties, you can find her folding origami, dancing, and styling bonsai trees.

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