Ruby’s Story

Ruby hasn’t always had an easy life: her past struggles left her anxious and easily overwhelmed. As shy and nervous as she might seem though, she secretly craved affection. Poor lonely Ruby!

When Ruby was adopted, she reacted fearfully to her new surroundings. Retreating and growling from her hiding place, she sounded ferocious — but she was really just too scared to let anyone touch her.

Fortunately for Ruby, her new mom had the patience to look past her anxiety. When Ruby wouldn’t let her approach, her mom sat quietly in the same room, waiting to gain Ruby’s trust. As they began to bond, she spoke gently to Ruby and even read books to her new feline friend.

Ruby responded slowing at first, cautiously approaching, then making a few biscuits… But with time, she was purring and meowing for attention and pets… And then following her new favorite person around. The friendship had begun!

Ruby needed her person to help her feel safe, and her person needed her, too. Ruby’s adopter writes:

“I have changed her name from Ruby to Noah. It means “comfort.” For what she gives to me and what I hope I am giving to her. I lost my cat companion of 18 years to cancer 5 weeks before I adopted Noah. I was devastated. Noah and I are comforting each other. She helps me with my loss and I help her with her food and shelter.”

Heartfelt thanks to all of you who—like Ruby’s adopter—help nervous kitties feel at home, and to all of you who open your heart and home to rescue cats!

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