Traveler’s Story

Traveler is a very special cat: when death loomed, he hung on for dear life—literally!

Traveler’s story began when motorists spotted a frightened orange cat clinging to the middle barrier of a busy highway in Eastern WA. The kitty was in a sorry state: his claws wore down to nubs as he struggled not to fall into traffic. Gravel from passing trucks pelted his skin, and the sun heated the concrete and burned the pads of his paws.

The poor cat spent two days there, hanging on until a Good Samaritan stepped up. This brave lady sprinted across lanes of traffic, threw a blanket over him, and took him in her arms. The cat didn’t even struggle: he was too exhausted and relieved. As soon as they got to her car, he laid his head in her lap.

How Traveler ended up on the highway is a mystery; we don’t know whether he was dumped from a passing car, or if he somehow wandered there on his own. But when we heard about him, we knew we had to help! After everything he’d been through, this brave guy deserved a second chance.

Our wonderful community of cat lovers rallied around Traveler: you came together to make his dreams come true in just a few short days! After a little TLC and a trip to the clinic for neuter surgery, Traveler waited impatiently his purr-fect person. When someone came to the Adoption Center “just looking” (but hoping to adopt in the near future) Traveler had other ideas: “Right MEOW!” He had picked his person, and wasted no time mewing his way into her heart.

Congratulations to this special kitty and his new family!

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