Roy’s Story

From our hearts, we thank you for making so many new beginnings possible. As we look ahead to a new year of supporting cats and the humans who love them, we have a special tale to share with you about family. Here is Roy’s story, as told by his adopter.

“I remember it like it was yesterday… The hunt for a companion started in 2014, when my son Sam was 2 years old. Sam has autism and had a speech delay. A speech therapist suggested getting a pet for him, something he could practice talking to without feeling judged or nervous. My aunt lives in Eastern Washington and was making regular trips to SAFe Rescue to transport cats and kittens. She raved about the staff there, so that was our first stop! 

I knew I needed a special cat: I needed this cat to bond with Sam and be his friend. We stopped by in November of 2015, Sam and I met every cat in the place that day and didn’t feel an immediate connection or spark. I was so disappointed and thought we’d have to keep looking for our new friend somewhere else.  

Then someone said, ‘What about Roy?’ 

Roy was new, still in quarantine in the back room. We walked back to his kennel and the first thing I thought was, “He is beautiful!” Then to our surprise, Sam shrieked, “KITTY!” and Roy… Meowed back at him. He said it again and Roy meowed back, then Roy began to purr and rub himself against the kennel door. I looked at the staff member and said, “Take my money!” 

We sat with Amy and did all the paperwork. We picked out food and toys, and she gave us a carrier to take him home in. I was excited but SO nervous. I’ve had cats my entire life and I knew this could be perfect, or it would be the biggest mistake I’ve ever made. 

When we got home, I explained to Sam that Roy the cat would need some time to get used to the smells and sounds, and once he was comfortable, we would be able to love him. I set up his litter box, food, and water, then set him free in my bedroom and begged him not to pee on anything as I closed the door behind me. 

At first, when I went to check on him, Roy was hiding under my dresser, but he didn’t seem to be afraid… He was just safely observing his new home. The last time I went to check on him, I found him sound asleep on my bed… Spread eagle with his fluffy tummy exposed, looking pretty darn comfortable! 

With the hardest part behind me, I thought about how I would get the two of them to bond quickly, but as it turns out, it wasn’t up to me at all. Sam climbed into my bed that night to watch a movie and Roy snuggled up close and fell asleep in his arms. That was the beginning of a very special relationship.

It’s been 5 years and the two of them continue to be thick as thieves! Roy is always found wherever Sam is, much to Sam’s delight and sometimes frustration—like when he builds a Lego village and the fat cat lays right in the middle of it all and destroys his construction. 

The snuggles are plenty, the more Sam hugs him, the louder Roy purrs. The treats flow generously, the chicken nuggets always cause a commotion, and cheese pizza is never safe when left unattended. (Don’t worry, we don’t feed him human food! That doesn’t stop him from trying to get it though.)

Roy’s personality continues to surprise us… We can’t imagine life without him!”

Congratulations to Roy and his family—as the New Year begins, we send warm wishes to all of you and your families, both human and feline!

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