Frankie’s Story

As we look back on 2020 and prepare to welcome the New Year, we’re sharing a few stories with you that have touched our hearts. Frankie, who has been with us since June of 2020, is first!

Frankie’s life started outside, where children playing found her when she was small enough to fit into the palm of your hand. Like all newborn kittens, her eyes were still sealed shut: she was completely helpless.

Bottle babies are fragile and don’t always survive to grow into healthy kittens—and Frankie was even more vulnerable than most. A mysterious skin infection that wouldn’t heal left her with bald patches in her brown tabby fur and a bedraggled appearance. You can tell right away when you look into her little face that she’s special!

Fortunately, Frankie came to SAFe Rescue, where she has been receiving care since she was just a few days old. From medicine, to tests, to dermatology check-ups, Frankie has gotten lots veterinary care in the 6 months she has been with us.

Frankie may always be a little bit scruffy, but she still has lots of love to give. As soon as you sit down, Frankie will appear on your lap, followed by her brother and best buddy Rocky. (Rocky, who had an injured leg and needed x-rays, is another kitty who needed extra care.)

After 6 months of treatment and TLC at SAFe (longer than any other felines here) Frankie and Rocky are getting ready for the final step of their long journey: a family of their own!

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