Stella’s Story

It’s a great day to tell you all about Stella!  This fluffy little orange cat is teaching us about creativity, determination, and invention. When these qualities all come together with love and care, amazing things happen!

Stella was born with a rare condition called “megaesophagus.” This means her esophagus is too large so she can’t maneuver food to her stomach for the nutrition she needs to grow. The outlook for her was grim: it wasn’t certain she would survive or be able to find a home.

Nobody was ready to give up on Stella, though. The local shelter caring for Stella sent her to SAFe Rescue for a second chance in April of 2020. Although the prognosis for cats with this disorder is not good, Stella went into foster care to soak up lots of love and attention.  

She also came with a very special gift: a feeding bowl designed and 3D printed just for her. The bowl makes it possible for her to eat while standing. Her foster mom fed her small meals throughout the day and gave her after-eating care including cuddling and holding her upright so her meals could reach her tummy.

A breakthrough for Stella came after the SAFe Medical team discovered a large polyp in Stella’s nose that was making it hard for her to breathe. Although surgery to remove it was risky for a kitty with her medical condition, Stella came through the operation with flying colors and made a great recovery. Megaesophagus isn’t curable, so Stella will always live with it—but she was breathing easier and determined not to let that slow her down!

Sometimes, our feline friends with special care requirements are hard to place, but Stella found a home in May. Her adopter just gave us an update and to no-one’s surprise, Stella is thriving!  She has gained 2.2lbs and is a favorite at the vet. Pretty good for a kitty some thought might not be able to grow up!

Her family sent these great pictures of her now.  She gets a ride in the red carrier after eating so she stays upright, and she has settled in nicely with her new friend, the dog.

Congratulations to Stella and her family, and big thanks to all of you who open your hearts and homes to special needs kitties.

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