Warm Fuzzy Tale: Spicy

Meet Spicy Cat (fka Trace)! When Spicy arrived at SAFe in December of 2020, this big happy tomcat with a squeaky little voice took no time at all in winning over the staff and volunteers. And we weren’t surprised that he was only at the Rescue for two days before getting adopted! 

His new family has reached out a few times over the past year to let us know how well he’s doing, and since he just celebrated his One Year Adopt-a-versary/Gotcha Day, it’s a great time to share this fella’s warm fuzzy tale, one week, one month, and one year after going home!

Just a week after Spicy’s adoption, his new dad wrote to us, “My wife and I brought home Trace on Saturday and he has settled in extremely quickly. He is affectionate, well behaved, and at ease. Even the drive home was easy, he meowed for a couple minutes then went to sleep for the whole hour-long drive. Each day he has been finding new perches to nap on or gaze out the window. He really loves window gazing and watching us do just about anything. He especially likes to watch us cook, so we put a step stool in the middle of the kitchen and he happily sits on it and meows. We made the mistake of moving the litter box to a different room the next day and he peed on the spot it originally was, but apart from that one time, not a single mess. It seems the transition has been harder for us than it has for him!”

And then a month later, we got another Spicy Cat update, “We have had our kitty just over a month now and we love him so much!” His new mom said, “When we picked up Trace (now called Spicy) we were told he was the nicest cat. It’s true!! He is so cuddly and affectionate and just wants to be next to one of his humans. I’m a high school teacher and my students love when Spicy shows up on Zoom. He also enjoys car rides!”

Then in January of 2022 we received more news about our handsome Spicy: “Last month we celebrated one year of Spicy Cat being with us. He brings us so much joy each and every day. We love him so much. His specialties are ‘helping out in the kitchen’ from his little ladder and greeting us at the door when we come home. He’s so cuddly too!”

From an over-crowded shelter, to SAFe Rescue, to the kitchen of a loving home, Spicy has had quite the journey. So many people have helped Spicy get to where he is today and we are so happy we could be part of his, and so many cats’ adoption stories. Happy Gotcha Day, Spicy!

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