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Warm Fuzzy Tale: Phoebe, Artemis, and Steve’s Story

With their social nature and animated play, kittens thrive when they can go home with a littermate. But what happens when you find the perfect pair… but your heart is being pulled toward a kitten who doesn’t have any siblings? This family’s solution: adopt all three! 

“We are lifelong cat stewards,” they explain, “and sadly lost the last of the old guard last February. In late September, we took home siblings Mindy (now Artemis) and Owen (now Steve), as well as singleton Frankie (now Phoebe). Though I had to phone a friend to back up our decision to get three, we have had absolutely no regrets about doing so. Phoebe, Steve, and Artie have settled in well with our family, which includes two adults, two kids, and an energetic and slightly neurotic one year old dog, Cassie.”

Of course, every animal has its own personality and internal relationships within their home. “Artemis is brave and sweet.” Their family says, “Her best friend is our dog, who has adopted all three cats as her puppies. Artemis will often curl up to sleep right next to her, which is particularly cute, given their size difference. (Cassie weighs about 60 lbs, while Artie is likely in the small 5 lb range right now.) Her one bad habit is Lego theft, and she is merciless to any toy involving feathers.

Steve is a total lap cat and an equal opportunity snuggler. If there is a lap, or a mere whisper of a lap to be, he is there for it.  He is easy going and very people focused. He and Artemis take their naps together, and are frequently referred to as Thing One and Thing Two, due to their playful antics. Everyone loves Steve and his big round tummy.”

And singleton, Phoebe? She’s been welcomed in as a full-fledged kitty sibling as well. Her new human tells us that “Phoebe, formerly Frankie, is the quintessential Aloof Black Floof. She is lanky and graceful. She loves to be petted on her own terms, usually while walking across you or near you. She will occasionally deign to be a lap cat, usually for my husband while he is playing video games. (He keeps dried salmon treats in his office for this purpose.) She was described correctly as a trip hazard, but we are learning to move with greater intent around her. She’s a total flirt and everything one could want in a cat.

We are so grateful to the volunteers and foster parents at SAFe for raising such healthy and well socialized kittens. Though they have only been with us for 2.5 months, we cannot imagine life without them, and are frequently caught softly saying, ‘I’m so glad we got three.’”

And so, the perfect duo became the perfect trio! Big thank you to Artemis, Steve, and Phoebe’s family for sharing this lovely story with us, and for opening your hearts and home to these three wonderful kittens. 

We hope that you are as filled with warmth and happiness as we are by hearing about Phoebe’s journey from lonely single kitten to a big, happy family life! 

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