Volunteer of the Month: Gavin

Meet Gavin, January’s Volunteer of the Month!

“Hi, I’m Gavin, and I’ve been volunteering on the clean team at the Feline Rescue since October. This has been my first time committing a large amount of my time volunteering for anything, and I’m very lucky to have found the opportunity to help take care of the wonderful cats at the Rescue. Initially, I was only doing this for the service hours that I need to graduate this year, and admittedly that’s still in the back of my head now. However, cleaning up for the cats and getting to interact with them, albeit from a distance, is an important and highly valued part of my week. Cleaning and looking at cats is a surprising and effective way of recuperating after a healthy dose of schoolwork.

I’ve spent my whole life here in Seattle with my parents and had many pets over the years. Since before I was even born my parents have had cats, and that didn’t stop once I was around. Even with asthma and a decently bad cat dander allergy that has for the most part gone away over the years, I’ve had 7 cats since I was born. I think by persevering through all the allergic reactions and other mundane cat related issues, I’ve only grown to love them more. Currently I’ve got a beautiful mixed shorthair kitty named Augi, and a gorgeous tuxedo cat named Haku, both were rescued as kittens. I love them with all my heart and am glad that I can help support other cats that are in a similar situation as they were.”

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