Cat paws standing in litter box

New Year, New Box?

We all know what goes down in a litter box – and it ain’t pretty. It’s something we naturally want to avoid, and that makes it easy to go too long without scooping or fully cleaning the box. But when we do that, problems quickly arise.

  • Harmful bacteria can form, including those that cause cat scratch fever and salmonellosis. 
  • A combination of urine and organic litter can cause mold, which can be harmful to your health.
  • Odors permeate plastics and become more difficult to get rid of.

These problems can be avoided with frequent scooping and twice-monthly cleanings with soap and hot water. Additionally, it is important to remember to change the litter itself, and not just continually scoop and add. 

As the New Year approaches, now might be a good time to ask yourself whether it’s time to toss your box and get a new one, too!

If your kitty’s New Year’s resolution includes improving litter box habits, you can also check out our blogs on solving litter box issues (Litter Box Problems: Get the Scoop) and building good box behavior (Litter Box Tips: Help Your Kitty Learn Good Habits).

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