Myrtle’s Story

After growing up on the streets, Myrtle didn’t know what to make of the big creatures called “humans.” Could they be trusted? Would they be kind?

Myrtle came to Seattle Area Feline Rescue after a Good Samaritan found her living in an alley in Tacoma. When Myrtle first arrived, she was so nervous and timid! Fortunately, Myrtle has the chance to go to a patient foster home where she could have all the time she needed to make up her mind about humans. It took this two-year-old cat almost two months before she came out of her shell and started to show her true personality…

And what personality it is! Instead of a proper meow Myrtle usually makes a humming “Mrrrr” sound, and when you pet her, she gets so excited that she can’t sit still. (Her “elevator butt” goes all the way up!) She’s an athletic cat, and she uses her strong legs to jump high in the air to try and catch pesky flies. Good kitty, Myrtle! In addition to providing pest control services, Myrtle uses her prowess to chase and pounce on toys and toes.

Myrtle doesn’t have a mean bone in her body, and she gets along very well with other cats. In fact, she’d probably like to have some kitty buddies who can teach her about this human world. Since Myrtle is still a little wary of new people, she would do best in a quiet home with understanding people who can help her build her confidence.

Do you have some love to give this sweet cat? If you help her blossom, Myrtle will be your affectionate companion and loyal kitty friend!

Photos by Svetlana Popova.

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