The Story of Precious and Princess



It’s a common misconception (usually with non-kitty lovers) that cats don’t form lifelong friendships with each other and their humans. But Princess and Precious prove that myth wrong. These two sisters are 13 years old, and they’re best friends. When they found themselves homeless at age 12—and we know that senior and homeless can be one of the hardest plights for kitties—they made it clear to everyone at the rescue that they would need to be placed in a new home together.


While at SAFe Rescue, they spent many hours cuddled together, taking turns grooming each other. As if being adorable and sweet to each other wasn’t enough to warm your heart, they also love humans! Princess gives love nibbles while you pet her, and Precious loves to have her cheeks rubbed.

Here at SAFe, our priority is to make sure each kitty is as happy and healthy as possible. When we took them in, we noticed that both sisters had red, inflamed mouths. A vet check-up confirmed that they would need dental work. Precious needed a relatively minor dental cleaning and treatment, while it took Princess two extensive dental surgeries to feel comfortable again.

Home together!

Once Princess recovered, she was reunited with Precious and they were ready to await their new family patiently at the rescue. Seniors sometimes have to wait longer to get noticed than younger kitties, but not to worry! One fateful day in mid-October, their purr-fect family came to SAFe and became enamored with how much Princess and Precious loved each other; not to mention how sweet-natured they both are. These sisters are now safe and warm for the coming winter months in their new home, with their beloved new humans, and—most importantly—together!

Bonded pairs are happiest when they can stay together. It can take pairs longer to find a home than other cats, so we think it’s very special when adopters open their homes to a pair of kitty friends! If you have any questions about bonded pairs, or would like to consider adopting a pair please visit our adoption page.

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