What should I feed my cat? (More answers to food FAQ)

On our last blog, we shared with you information about a few of the FAQ’s we hear about kitty food and feeding. This subject is huge, with a lot of questions, and lots of caring kitty owners wondering “What should I feed my cat?” That’s why we’re baaaack to answer a few more!

Wet vs. Dry?

This is an age old question, and also a great one. Wet and dry food both have unique benefits, and most kitties thrive on being fed both. Wet food is great for adding moisture into the feline diet. (Cats are notorious for being stingy water drinkers.) Meanwhile, dry food adds the nutrients and caloric density cats need to create a balanced diet. To decide if wet, dry, or a combination of both will work best for your kitty’s specific needs, be sure to consult with your veterinarian!

Still curious about LID diets?

Limited Ingredient Diets, or LIDs, are pet foods made with a single-source protein. Most of the time the single-source protein is considered “novel” and doesn’t contain the usual suspects such as chicken, beef or turkey, which are the most common foods cats develop allergies to. The most popular novel proteins are rabbit, duck, and venison. These diets are especially helpful for kitties with food allergies or sensitive stomachs. Before making the switch over to an LID food, though, please consult with your veterinarian.

Need more tips for managing your kitty’s weight?

There are many ways to get your kitty the exercise and stimulation they need to maintain a healthy weight while staying safe indoors! The best way to maintain a healthy weight in cats is a regulated feeding schedule with the amount appropriate for your cat’s specific body and needs. Your veterinarian can help calculate an appropriate amount of food.

(Pro tip: When taking your kitty to a check-up, it’s helpful to bring either a picture of the bag/can of food you feed, or even the bag/can itself! That way, your veterinarian can see the nutrition details of the specific food and help you figure out kitty’s ideal feeding plan! )

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