Taylor’s Story

Taylor was a West Coast Kitty all along who did the big relo from California to Seattle.  Taylor had been a stray struggling on the streets, and the shelter that took him in sent him up to SAFe Rescue for a second chance in 2018.  

Before he even had a chance to wonder what Seattle living would be like, his inherent lovability found him a new home.  After only one day at SAFe, his humans visited and adopted him. We were so happy for him! But even better things for Taylor were in his future…

Fast forward to December 2019, when Angela came to SAFe Rescue from Eastern Washington.  She spent five months with us recovering from a skin infection with wonderful care from a patient foster parent.  

Meanwhile, this spring Taylor’s humans realized he would like to have a feline buddy.  For the safety of our community, SAFe had closed for in-person-adoptions as the pandemic progressed. Fortunately, our online adoption program proved to be quite the success. Taylor’s humans saw Angela online and she was one of our first “virtual” no-contact adoptions!  Taylor’s humans are so happy with his new feline friend Angela, and it looks like the two kitties are happy to be family!

As their adopters explain, Taylor (now “Flynn”) and Angela (now “Mabel”) are delightful additions to the family: Flynn is loving having a little sister around to play with, but is taking a ton more naps now that a high energy kitten like Mabel is around.  Mabel is a total lap cat and has no issues demanding pets by beeping at us, then smooshing her face against yours. Thanks so much for all you guys do, you helped create our little family.”

Finn and Mabel hanging out together in their favorite cat trees.
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