Scrappy’s story

scrappyScrappy, a 3 year old cat, was picked up as a stray in Eastern Washington. She was transferred to Seattle Area Feline Rescue. Scrappy walked with a pronounced limp and would stand without putting pressure on the leg. At some point in her short life, she had been shot! Her x-ray revealed pellets from a shotgun in her right rear leg. The damage had left her leg bones disconnected. She did not have a knee.
The vet recommended that her life would be better if her leg was amputated. We agreed and arranged for the surgery at South Seattle Vet.
Through the days between when we rescued her and her surgery, she remained a positive kitty. Scrappy is a talker and loves attention. Even without full use of her leg, she could squeeze into all the regular kitty places. It was surprising. Her coat is full and luxurious. She loves to be brushed and will benefit from the care. The person that adopts Scrappy and gives her a home forever will be blessed with a loving and appreciative cat.
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