Seattle Area Feline Rescue Awarded Life-Changing Adopt-a-Pet Grant

StellaWe are thrilled to announce that we received a $500 Veterinary Care Fund Grant from in December 2014. Adopt-a-Pet is a free service that publishes pictures of our adoptable cats and kittens and is a significant marketer of our rescue and available cats. The grant will be used for ongoing surgeries and medical care for Stella, who has had a rough journey this past few months.

Stella is a beautiful, young Torbie who came to us in September from an over-populated kill-shelter along with her four beautiful kittens. She had a horrible case of stomatitis (inflammation of the mouth and lips) and it was determined that she needed to have all of her teeth removed. After a successful surgery in early November to remove half of her teeth, Stella returned to the surgery on November 18 to have the second half of her teeth removed and to be spayed. Unfortunately, that’s when cat-astrophe almost struck!

She had a spontaneous pneumothorax when placed under anesthesia and she stopped breathing. Her veterinary team quickly responded, performing life-saving procedures that resuscitated her. After nearly a week at the vet’s office, she returned to foster care to recuperate. Stella is currently recovering from a urinary tract infection and is struggling to gain weight and strength to get back into surgery. She spends her days happily sleeping on “her” heater vent and being waited on with special meals morning and night.

When Stella is strong and ready, she’ll return to the vet to complete the final dental surgery and spaying. After recovering, she’ll be ready to start her search for a forever home!

Thanks so much to for the grant that is helping save Stella’s life and ensuring that we don’t have to turn away any kitty just because they have complex or special medical needs!

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