Pepper’s Story

Pepper Potts is a Superhero Feline! She became homeless with her kittens and did everything she could to keep them safe until she found her way to SAFe Rescue – a feat of feline heroism that led to all her kittens finding new homes.  However, Pepper needed to recover from a skin infection and learn how to socialize with humans again.  She was shy and nervous initially – wanting to be pet and loved, but something in her past made her “hand shy.” Poor Pepper Potts, craving attention but hissing in fear when approached! She needed to be carefully and lovingly brought out of her shell so she could meet prospective adopters.

Under the care of a patient foster mom, her shyness revealed a new super power—Queen of Hide n’ Seek!  Pepper perfected the art of hiding under blankets, so her foster mom started hanging out with her in blanket forts.  Little by little, Pepper allowed herself to be coaxed out with treats and kindness. 

Eventually, after 200 days in care (much longer than most SAFe kitties) Pepper’s hisses turned to purrs, and as any Avenger fan knows, Pepper Potts Superhero name is RESCUE, which purrfectly applies to this wonderful kitty!

Happily, Pepper was able to find a caring family who loved her for her spicy attitude and committed to helping her continue gaining confidence and trusting people. Her new family says she is doing very well and has grown very attached to them: 

She loves to play, zoom, and pounce, sometimes waking us up in the morning because she wants to play (which is not always our favorite, as you might imagine). She is learning to be more comfortable sleeping by us at night and on the couch, but is definitely not a fan of other humans – the pandemic has prevented us from socializing her outside of the two of us. Nevertheless, she is a source of joy for us every day!”

Here’s to a happy RESCUE story for all our feline friends!

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