Hopeful Cat Seeks Loving Home

They say cats have nine lives—but Sunny would be grateful to have just three!

During his first life, Sunny grew up on the streets. It was a lonely existence, and he spent a lot of time hungry. He didn’t realize that humans could be kind, and he would run and hide whenever he saw a person coming. The big creatures who walked on two legs were terrifying!

Sunny’s second life began a few years ago, when he got his second chance. A shelter found him and took him in. Even though Sunny wasn’t as cute as the little kittens or as friendly as some of the other cats, a kind adopter came along who used to leave food out for Sunny when he was on the streets. This man decided to take a chance on Sunny and give him a home. Through his human dad’s patience and care, Sunny transformed from a scared cat into a trusting one. He discovered the joy of pets and neck scratches and relaxed in his forever home with his favorite person. He even bonded with his new kitty siblings.

Then tragedy struck. Sunny’s favorite human got sick and became unable to care for him. Just like that, Sunny’s dream of a forever home disappeared. He found himself alone again, grieving, frightened, and confused. When Sunny came to Seattle Area Feline Rescue, a foster home took him in to help heal his broken heart. For the first week, he mostly just hid on top of the refrigerator… But now Sunny is learning to trust once more. He again loves being pet and having his neck scratched. He enjoys batting at balls and at his bird toy. While sudden movements still make him nervous at times, he’s come a long way.

Now, Sunny is hoping to find his third life. If you have a quiet home to offer him, your patience will be greatly rewarded: this kitty has quite a motor when he’s happy and pounces on his bird toy with enthusiasm! He has so much love to give the right person. Are you the one who can give Sunny the happy life he so deserves?

Sunny is currently in a foster home. Email adoptions@seattleareafelinerescue.org to learn more about adopting him and to arrange a meet-and-greet.

Photos of Sunny by Svetlana Popova

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