Herb’s Story

Cats at SAFe Rescue usually find a home within a few days, or at most a few weeks… But Herb patiently waited 531 days for his family. That made him the longest-term resident of the rescue by far!

It took time to get Herb’s chronic health issues under control, and during his stay at SAFe Rescue, he became a favorite of the rescue staff and volunteers. (We adore him!) Herb happily made biscuits and gave head bumps freely. In his foster home, he patiently wore a harness for walks outside, climbed on his foster mom’s shoulder, and ate up his pills in his food. This patient, good-natured kitty didn’t even mind sporting a fashionable bow tie for photo shoots.

There were definitely some rough patches and sleepless nights as we helped Herb feel better… But with support from our community of cat lovers and thanks to ongoing gifts from members of the Helping Paw Circle, Herb was able to have all the time and care he needed.

Earlier this month, after receiving the green light for adoption, Herb caught the eye of a family looking for a new feline friend. They came to the Adoption Center to meet him, and as they sat in a circle, Herb walked in around and made sure to spend time in each of their laps. As his new mom puts it: “I met Herb and he decided my lap was sufficient. And my husband’s lap was snooze-worthy. And my son’s lap was biscuit-worthy. So he agreed to come live with us!”

Herb deserves every wonderful minute of life in his new home. We’re so happy for him, and so grateful to all of you who support special kitties like him!

Thank you to everyone who helped Herb find a home, including the PAW-some SAFe Rescue photography and videography volunteers, Pet Connection Magazine, Pawsitive Alliance, and the #WhyNotMePets program.

Portraits of Herb by Dirtie Dog Photography (with bow tie) and Svetlana Popova.

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