SAFe Rescue’s Mission, Purpose, and Core Values

This past year, we have been planning for the future of Seattle Area Feline Rescue. We have reflected on who we are as a rescue, what values are important to us, what our purpose is, and how we can continue to grow and help as many cats, and people who love them, as possible. Through an iterative process of discussions with our board, staff, and volunteers, we have developed a statement of purpose and defined the values which guide SAFe Rescue. We have also updated the wording of our mission statement to reflect more closely the work we do each day. 

We are proud to share our refreshed mission statement with you, which describes what we do: SAFe Rescue saves feline lives by taking in homeless cats, giving them the care they need, finding them loving homes, and supporting their human companions. 

Our new statement of purpose describes why we do the work that we do: We believe each cat has inherent value and that humans and felines enrich each other’s lives. This bond builds compassionate communities with empathy for all living things.

Finally, our “ccore” values guide our treatment of humans and felines and how we approach our work: Show Compassion, Value Community, Act with Optimism, Demonstrate Respect, Pursue Excellence.

This mission statement, purpose, and values are affirmed over and over again in our work. From our staff who welcome new feline arrivals to the rescue and place them in loving homes, to our fosters and adopters who so generously open their homes and hearts to rescue cats, to our volunteers who give their time, and to our community who supports our cause, we see our mission statement, purpose, and values in action! 

Thank you for your support of our feline friends and being part of our compassionate community!

~Jennifer Cadigan, President, Board of Directors

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