Harry’s Story

Harry might have a different appearance than the other kitties, but he knew that he could be a great companion if only someone would give him a chance!

Trauma from a past head injury left Harry with facial scarring and an asymmetrical look. Harry didn’t mind one bit, though. All that mattered to this friendly fellow was getting pets and attention from humans, playing with his toys, and cuddling up in warm beds.

The journey to SAFe Rescue was a long one for Harry: he came to Seattle all the way from New Mexico after waiting for someone to adopt him there without any luck. It turned out that Harry had waited long enough! With his friendly antics, he showed the Adoption Counselors that he was ready to find his person. (“Right MEOW, please!”)

Only six days after he arrived, Harry caught the eye of a visitor to the Adoption Center – and then captured her heart! As you can see, it was meant to be:

Harry finds a home!

Now, Harry spends his days watching sunsets out the window, “helping” his human type —if you ask Harry, computer keyboards are an especially warm and comfy place to sit — and stealing the best spot on the bed.

Thank you to Harry’s human and to all of you who open your heart to special kitties. The world is a better place for them because of you!

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