One Day at a Time: Percy’s Story

We dearly wish it could be possible to give every single rescue feline a long, happy future… But this special little kitten is teaching us that sometimes it’s enough to take each day one at a time. Percy has overcome incredible challenges to be here with us now, and he’s determined to enjoy every moment.

Percy’s journey began when his attentive foster home noticed that he wasn’t playing like his brothers and sisters. Despite medical care, his condition quickly deteriorated, until some days he couldn’t walk or even hold himself up. His unusual symptoms were a mystery and his prognosis was grim. Ultimately, a CT scan revealed the cause: hydrocephalus and a spinal defect.

There is no cure for Percy’s condition, which he was born with, but there are some medications that might help ease his symptoms. After consulting with a local neurologist, the SAFe Medical Team decided to see if meds would make it possible to give Percy a good quality of life and some extra time to enjoy being a kitten.

One week later, Percy is now eating on his own, playing with his toys, and requesting non-stop affection from his surrogate mom, rescue Veterinary Care Manager Kim Morgan, LVT. Kim keeps Percy with her 24 hours a day and is devoted to giving him the care he needs. (Like many human kiddos, Percy’s favorite time of day is when he gets to play games on the tablet!)

Because Percy’s condition is incurable, it’s unlikely that he has a long life ahead of him. As much as we wish we wish we could give Percy and every kitty who comes through our doors a happily-ever-after ending to their story, that’s not always possible. But in every case, humane care and lots of love is something that we always have to offer.

Although we can’t know for sure how much time Percy has left, as long as he stays comfortable and happy, we are going to treasure every minute—and so is he! 

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