Fosters of the Month: Molly and Bella

SAFe Rescue is excited to announce our first fosters of the month: mother/daughter duo Molly and Bella Anderson! The Andersons have been fostering kittens as a family since 2011, and have fostered over 150 kittens together. 

As a family project, Molly says that sharing the responsibility of raising and nurturing kittens who needed help was a great experience for her three daughters. “Kittens offer us so much to learn about the natural world,” she says, and learning to use intuition and nonverbal communication to engage with nature are important lessons from working with animals. 

From ringworm, to orphaned kittens, to moms with babies, this family has basically seen it all but says that they have something new to learn from each litter. Both Bella and Molly report that their most rewarding foster cases have been kittens who needed extra medical care to survive. “Kittens have such an incredible will to live,” says Bella, who told us that as someone with her own medical issues, she finds she has an affinity for cats who are also receiving treatment. “It’s like we support each other without speaking.”

Bella recently moved out on her own and realized just how much she needed an animal friend in her life. Bella considered adopting a cat as a member of her family, but ultimately decided that fostering allowed her more flexibility in her busy schedule and gave her the opportunity to spread the love around and help more than just one cat. Right now, she’s fostering her first litter of seven kittens solo.

For folks considering fostering for the first time, Bella’s advice is to just start with one litter and see how you like it. “If it’s fun, then you can keep fostering forever, but if it’s not for you, you still helped baby kittens!”

Thank you so much to Molly and Bella for the outstanding love and care they’ve devoted to so many homeless SAFe Rescue kitties! Our fosters truly make a huge difference in each cat’s life.

Interested in fostering? Fill out our “Foster Information Form” today to get started!

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