Claudie’s Story

Homeless and without a caring family, Claudie was having a rough time in southern California. When she was rescued, it looked like she was finally on her way to finding a home. However, that all changed when the wildfires started.

With the fires raging, many pets, including numerous cats, were separated from their owners. Before long, shelters across California found themselves caring for large numbers of displaced animals.

Upon learning of this heartbreaking situation, SAFe Rescue began working with partner organizations to help move previously homeless kitties like Claudie (who had nobody missing her) up to Washington State. This gave California shelters more room to house those animals separated from their families.

Within weeks, Claudie found herself changing climates and moving thousands of miles north. She boarded a Wings of Rescue flight on November 19, travelling from San Diego to Paine Field. Even though it meant losing familiar surroundings, Claudie was helping make room for other kitties in need and she embraced her chance to become a Pacific Northwest cat. Hopefully, Washington would be where she could find her forever family…

However, Claudie faced an ongoing challenge: she is an FIV+ cat. FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus) is a disease specific to cats, but it doesn’t usually impact the kitty’s lifespan or ability to be around other cats. WIth a loving indoor home and proper care, FIV+ cats can live long and healthy lives. Sadly,  an FIV+ status can make these kitties get overlooked, even if they are perfectly healthy and full of love, like Claudie.

Claudie and her family

Home for the Holidays!

Fortunately, luck was on Claudie’s side! With a little help from Pawsitive Alliance’s #WhyNotMePets program, Claudie went on TV to show what a sweet girl she is. Soon after, a loving family came in and decided that Claudie was the purrfect fit for their family. By coming up to the Pacific Northwest, Claudie not only got a second chance, but is now spending the holidays with a family dedicated to caring for her throughout her long and healthy life!

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