Blue’s Story

BlueKittens statistically have some of the shortest times to wait for a home of any shelter animal, and we can understand why… They’re adorable, funny, tiny, and cuddly! For shy kittens, though, it can be a different story.

Kittens who are “under-socialized” when they arrive at shelters tend to get overlooked and wait much longer than average to find a home. That was certainly the case for 24-week-old kitten Blue. When Blue first arrived, she was fearful and unsure of herself. She showed much interest in humans, butafter a tough start to lifeshe just wasn’t quite ready to trust yet.

Here at the rescue, Blue had support to help her relax. At SAFe Rescue, Behavior Team volunteers use clicker training and positive reinforcement to to help nervous kitties like Blue gain confidence and interact with humans. (Interested in joining the behavior team? Learn more about volunteering.)

Although she was making lots of progress, as weeks went by poor Blue still hadn’t found a home. It was time for her to go into foster care! One of the rescue’s outstanding foster homes made sure Blue knew she had people who loved her and a warm place to sleep every night. Slowly, Blue came out of her shell and began to trust humans. Her foster family explained: “Once she gets to know you, she loves chin scratches and getting rubbed between her ears. If you go slow and gently, she even likes being picked up and snuggled!”  (Learn more about fostering.)

When we saw how well Blue was doing in foster care, we knew her wait for a purrfect person wouldn’t be much longer! Soon, someone looking for a furry friend visited Blue and decided she was the best kitty for her. Now Blue has a home of her own at last.

Stories like this warm our hearts: even kitties who have been through tough times can learn to trust again. They just need patience, understanding and a heavy dose of love. Enjoy your new life, Blue!

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