Holiday Safety for Cats

All of us here at the rescue wish you a winter season that’s “meowy” and bright…. And safe! Here are some holiday safety tips for cats to help you avoid hidden hazards:

Update the chip:

Heading out of town? Make sure kitty’s microchip is up to date with your current contact info and address, just in case. Sometimes cats take advantage of changes in routine to try a great escape… We’ve seen many owners happily reunited with their pets thanks to microchips!

Keep sweets out of reach:

While sneaking treats isn’t exactly healthy for kitty under any circumstances, many holiday goodies contain potential toxins such as chocolate (which is dangerous for cats) or other ingredients that cause tummy upset.

Skip the tinsel!

Tinsel may look beautiful, but it’s irresistible for many felines. Swallowing long strands of tinsel or ribbon can cause serious medical issues such as intestinal blockages.

Cat-proof your decorations:

While tinsel is especially problematic, any ornament, light, cord, or decoration that kitty tries to eat could cause problems… Make sure that anything within reach is safe for your mischievous friend. (Vomiting and diarrhea can be signs of intestinal blockage, so be extra vigilant for these symptoms if you think your cat may have ingested something.)

Pick plants wisely:

When we think of toxic holiday plants, poinsettias usually spring to mind. While poinsettias can indeed cause kitty problems if ingested, there are other plants that pose greater danger, including holly, mistletoe, lilies, and amaryllis. For a database of toxic and non-toxic plants, see the ASPCA’s website.

Create a safe retreat:

Make sure your best feline friend has a safe, quiet place to retreat during the festivities and New Year’s fireworks. A bedroom or large closet with a warm comfy bed, favorite treats, and some water will be sure to lessen the stress.

We wish you and all your family (both furry and human) a safe and happy holiday season!

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