Cats that Fly!

Beautiful kitten with paper wings, on bright background

Flying felines!

CA transport

At Sea-Tac airport

New arrivals

Meeting the new arrivals


Lillian checks out her new surroundings

20160108 SAFe Cats - CA TransportLR-34web

Gingerbread makes himself at home


Tigre found a home right away!


Chandler is healing well – he’ll be ready for a home soon, too!

Last week, the rescue took in some homeless kitties with a special power—the ability to fly! They flew to us all the way from the Los Angeles area, but they don’t have wings. Instead, they zoomed up the West Coast by airplane, thanks to some help from the ASPCA’s transport program (and some jet power from Alaska Airlines).

In the Puget Sound area, our community has many adopters, and spay and neuter programs help reduce overpopulation further. Not all regions are so fortunate: the LA area has more homeless animals than adopters, and euthanasia rates tend to be much higher.

That’s why—when we have room to spare after helping local organizations—we take in flying cats! The ASPCA coordinates with LA rescue groups and helps arrange for kitties to come to Seattle for a second chance. The ASPCA also supports the re-homing of these kitties through grant funding, which helps increase the number of lives saved!

Last Friday, members of the rescue crew drove to Sea-Tac airport to meet the newest kitty arrivals from City of Long Beach Animal Care Services. These wonderful animals had been waiting in vain for a home in California, but once they landed in Seattle, their long wait was nearly over.

Here are a few of the flying felines who arrived:

  • Lillian, recovering from an eye infection, soon found a forever home.
  • Gingerbread, an orange tabby with a back injury, wasn’t far behind.
  • Tigre, a sweet boy who had spent weeks waiting for someone to love him, found an adoring family in just three hours!
  • Chandler, a sweet boy with a broken leg, is healing well and will be able to find a home of his own soon.

However kitties in need arrive, whether they fly or not, we’re happy to be able to find them forever homes!

Curious about how the rescue finds the kitties it take in? Learn more here.

Rescue and transport photography by K.A.Moore Photography.

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