Bindi’s Having Surgery!

20160407 Bindi LR web-1Bindi’s story has touched the hearts of animal lovers across the country. Bindi was born without sight, due to an eye condition that leaves her at risk of infection and pain. At 3 years old, Bindi’s owner surrendered her to a shelter in California, where she wasn’t able to find a home.

Bindi’s future was uncertain. Fortunately, the ASPCA was able to transport Bindi here to Seattle Area Feline Rescue for a second chance. Bindi is one of the sweetest cats we have ever rescued. She purrs when she hears you coming, and she will reach out her little paws to you and feel her way into your arms for hugs and cuddles. Bindi’s blindness doesn’t slow her down—she skillfully uses her other senses to explore her surroundings. Crinkly foil balls are her favorite toys, probably because they make noise that she can to find them!

20160413 SAFe Cats LR BW-4We worked with an eye specialist to determine what treatment can help Bindi, and we found out that she needs costly surgery. Thankfully, a community of animal lovers rallied to Bindi’s cause. Her story was shared across social media, and caring supporters came together to fund Bindi’s surgery during GiveBIG, an online chartable event presented by the Seattle Foundation.

20160413 SAFe Cats LR BW-6Such kindness and generosity has made it possible for us to schedule Bindi’s surgery immediately. She will have the operation on Monday, May 9th. Please keep her in your thoughts. We’re all hoping for a great outcome and speedy recovery. We will post updates after the surgery!

  • Would you like to contribute to Bindi’s recovery and the care of her and our other rescue kitties? You can donate here – thank you!
  • Bindi will not be available for adoption until after she has had time to recover from the upcoming surgery. She is currently relaxing in a loving foster home. There has been a lot of interest in adopting her—once she’s ready, she will be able to find a home right away!

Photos of Bindi by K.A.Moore Photography

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