Weak Heart, Strong Spirit: Cassie’s Story

20160324 Foster Cat Cassie LR web-120160324 Foster Cat Cassie LR web-820160324 Foster Cat Cassie LR web-720160324 Foster Cat Cassie LR web-920160324 Foster Cat Cassie LR web-1020160324 Foster Cat Cassie LR web-5 20160324 Foster Cat Cassie LR web-6Looking at Cassie, you would never imagine she’s anything other than a normal, healthy young cat. She loves to play and hide. She adores her foster family. She has long, soft calico fur. But there’s something you can’t see when you look at her: Cassie is a special kitty inside, with a special heart.

As a small kitten, playful Cassie suddenly stopped feeling well and started to breathe heavily. To everyone’s shock, a vet visit revealed that she was in congestive heart failure. Stunned, we listened as the vet told us that she was born with an “old heart,” and that there was no cure. She might not live much longer.

We hope for every rescue kitty that they will live a long, happy life. But knowing that wasn’t possible for Cassie, what could we do to help her?

Fortunately, a foster family offered to take in Cassie. They accepted her condition and watched her health carefully. They wrote down phone numbers for emergencies. They gave her daily medicine and helped coordinate her vet appointments. They prepared for the worst.

Little by little, Cassie’s started feeling better. She began to breathe easier and play again. Days turned into weeks, turned into months. Last week, Cassie turned 10 months old, and her foster home decided to become her forever home.

We can’t know how long she has, but for now, her spirit is stronger than her heart. She spends her days with her favorite people, enjoying every moment of her life. And there she will stay, for as much time as she has left, surrounded by love.

* Photographer Katherine Moore took these photos of Cassie while she played in her foster home.

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