Three Angels for Three Kittens

3 sistersSometimes it takes a village to rescue a kitten. . . or three!

When these tiny kitten sisters arrived at the rescue, tired and hungry, they must have felt very frightened and alone in the world. But they had more guardian angels than they could ever know!

Their first helpers were some children playing on a summer’s day. The kids discovered the babies tucked away outside, and took them home for the grown-ups to see. The kittens were barely three weeks old, much too small to survive on their own, so the family found help for them.

The kittens found their second group of guardian angels here in our rescue community. Donations from supporters funded the kitten formula they needed to survive. Like human newborns, baby kitties need to eat every few hours: bottle feeding takes round-the-clock dedication!  Fortunately, foster heroes volunteer to give up time and sleep to save the lives of fragile, vulnerable kittens like these.

IMG_6185And the sisters’ third guardian angels? It turns out they had been looking for them all along! Two Good Samaritans in the neighborhood where they were born had been busy caring for community cats there. They grew fond of a tomcat who lived outdoors and came to consider him their own, even though he was wary of people. They managed to catch him and take him to be neutered. Sadly, he bolted after that and never returned.

Next, they trapped, spayed, and re-released a little black feral cat. The vet told them she must have given birth recently, but they couldn’t find her kittens… Until they heard from their neighbors about the three sisters!

They realized that all along they had been these kittens’ “cat family,” since they had been caring for their parents. They got in touch with us and arranged to adopt, but they faced a dilemma. How could they pick just two and leave one behind?

There was only one solution: adopt all three! Now these lucky sisters have a home of their own, with the family that has been looking out for them all along… it was meant to be!

It really does take a village to help a cat. Or, rather, it takes a community of caring animal lovers. We send our gratitude to each one of you. Volunteers, donors, adopters, fosters, Good Samaritans—THANK YOU for making it possible to save the lives of kittens like these!

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