A Tale of Two Kitties

Donna 1 web Shauna and Donna act like typically adorable kittens. They love playing with toys, they purr when you pet their soft fur, and they sleep snuggled up next to each other.
These sisters have had to face some unique challenges, though: both were born with swimmer’s chest (an overly flat, narrow chest) and a heart murmur. Both had pneumonia as kittens, and their foster home carefully nursed them back to health. A grant for Lil’ BUB and the ASPCA funded the diagnosis and care of these two special girls.

Shauna 1 webBecause of their condition, we worried that this pair of special needs kitties would get overlooked. They desperately
needed someone who would love them as they are, who would give them a home together, and who would be willing to care for their medical needs. 

Never underestimate the power of our caring rescue community—it turned out there was no need to worry. As soon as Shauna and Donna were ready for adoption, someone read about them online and came to visit them. She accepted these kitty girls, medical needs and all, and took them home to love them. 
Shauna and Donna adopter update
As you can see, they’re happy as can be in their new family! Thank you for being part of our rescue community and helping write happy endings to tales like Shauna and Donna’s!
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