Moving with Cats: the Story of How Janus Became a Dane

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Janus shortly after rescue

Here at the rescue, we sometimes take in felines that were abandoned or surrendered because their family had to move. There’s usually no need to leave behind Fluffy or Fido when you go, though: with a little planning, moving with pets is doable—even if that move is across the country or across the world!

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Janus and his foster mom

When Janus came to the rescue this spring, he certainly didn’t look like a world traveler. A rough life on the streets had left him battered and scruffy, and he was very ill with diabetes. Janus went to a foster home, where he gradually began to heal—and to capture the hearts of his caregivers. Life started looking up for Janus: his foster family adopted him, and he adored his cozy new home.

5. A new view

A new view

Little did Janus know, his days in the home he had grown to love were numbered: his family had decided to move to Denmark.

7. The vet recommended yoghurt

Sampling the local delicacies

Fortunately, Janus’ humans were committed to keeping him, and they had a plan. They learned the immigration requirements for pets, took Janus to get the necessary check-ups and vaccinations, and made arrangements to take him on the airplane with them.

On moving day, travel went smoothly. Although Janus didn’t like spending hours in his carrier, he eventually decided that he likes being a Dane. His new hobbies are watching his new country from the window and getting to know the local cuisine.

Best of all, he gets to keep loving his family for the rest of his life!

Seattle photos of Janus by K.A.Moore Photography


Tips for Moving with Pets


  • The ASPCA offers helpful tips for car and air travel with pets. Their suggestions include advice on what kind of crate to use and how to pack an emergency travel kit.


  • Petfinder’s “Moving with Pets” is a detailed article on relocating with cats and dogs. Their tips include getting your kitty acclimated to its carrier before travel by leaving it out with a favorite toy and blanket inside.


  • For international moves, be sure to look into immigration requirements for animals well in advance of travel. Each country has different regulations, but you will likely need to get a certificate of health and vaccination record from your veterinarian.


  • If your pet has difficulty travelling or suffers from anxiety, check with your veterinarian. There may be calming medications available that can help.
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