Warm Fuzzy Tale: Tadpole and Zinnie

Meet Zinnie and Tadpole, two adorable cats who found loving homes through SAFe on January 23, 2023. Their adopter, filled with joy and excitement, shares a heartwarming story of courage, playfulness, and the blossoming friendship between these two feline companions who didn’t know each other prior to being adopted!

A Tale of Contrasting Personalities

“Zinnie and Tadpole are doing so amazing. Tadpole is definitely the more courageous and crazier kitty out of the duo. While Zinnie is more reserved but loves her playtime when she lets you,” says their adopter, recognizing the distinct personalities of the two cats. From the moment they arrived, Tadpole fearlessly embraced her new surroundings while Zinnie took her time to gather the courage to explore.

A Nighttime Explorer

Zinnie, shy and hesitant at first, gained more confidence by exploring at night while the house was quieter.  “She loves to come out at night and explore. It wasn’t until two days post-adoption, around 1:00 AM, that she finally made it out to the living room.” Zinnie’s gradual transition from hiding to venturing out at night signaled her growing comfort and trust in her new home.

Blossoming Friendship

Eventually, “Zinnie came out and played but was still a little cautious. After slowly socializing the kitties and letting them smell each other through the doors, we decided to introduce them. They are doing awesome together,” the adopter shares. Tadpole’s initial hisses turned into acceptance as she recognized Zinnie as a friend. Their bond grew stronger, evident in their shared playtime and moments of relaxation on the dining room chairs. Their new family affirms, “They are definitely going to be best friends.”

Happier Together

The adopter observes a significant positive change in both cats when they are together, stating, “Overall, we have had no issues with them being together, and they seem much happier together in the same room with the freedom to explore together, rather than being separated in their own rooms.” Zinnie and Tadpole thrive in each other’s company, finding comfort and joy in their shared adventures!

“They are definitely spoiled rotten,” exclaims their family, highlighting the delightful luxuries provided for Zinnie and Tadpole. “They have a brand new huge cat tree that they love to scratch and climb on top of and watch cars driving outside the window. It’s in front of our balcony where they can see birds fly by.” The abundance of toys, particularly the captivating “cat teaser” that enthralls them for hours, ensures that playtime is never dull for this playful duo!

Zinnie and Tadpole’s journey from SAFe to finding their loving home is a testament to the transformative power of adoption. With Tadpole’s bravery and Zinnie’s cautious nature, they have found solace and companionship in each other. The patience, love, and understanding of their adopter has allowed this remarkable friendship to flourish.

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