Warm Fuzzy Tale: Nala’s Story

Meet Nala! She is about three and a half years old, and she’s got the softest fur with pretty little white paws to match. This sweetie pie came to SAFe as a loving mama eager to care for her babies and share all she could. Nala is the type of kitty who will greet everyone she meets with a headbutt, and in no time would knead her way into your heart. 

This past December Nala found a loving family who let us know that taking her home has transformed their lives. “She has filled these 6 months with so many memories and even more smiles”, they say. She has spent this time making the holidays extra merry, filling New Year’s Day with so much more excitement, and has even celebrated a few birthdays with her new family members. Nala has filled her home with more warmth and purrs than anyone could ask for.

Nala is a natural model and loves striking a pose for the camera and will even take the occasional selfie. When her successful modeling career allows her the time, she makes sure to do some light traveling. Over the past couple of months, she has packed her bags and shared lots of mews and PURR-sonality all around Eastern Washington and the Oregon Coast. She has enjoyed meeting more members of her new family and even likes car rides.

When Nala is at home, she takes her role as a companion very seriously. Whenever mom gets the opportunity to craft, Nala has a designated spot she uses for quality control. When dad is in the mood for a little cinema, she loves snuggling next to him to watch. “She’s a total Harry Pawter fan! We think she’s a Gryffindor,” her family tells us. From raising her kittens to comforting her adopters, Nala has shown us all what it means to be caring. We are lucky to have crossed paths with her. Congratulations to Nala and her family, we are so happy for you!

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