Volunteer of the Month: Amethyst

For the month of June, we are happy to announce Amethyst as our Volunteer of the Month! Amethyst does so much for SAFe Rescue, from working at the front desk and greeting, to helping out with Cat Care and Clean Team. We are even lucky enough to get cat blankets, toys, and help with transportation from her. During her time working on Cat Care,  Amethyst finds joy in charting to make sure that the cats are in good shape and healthy. She also enjoys transforming kitten enclosures into clean and mess-free places for them to play. She tells us, “They make me think it’s ok to have lots of fun and make a mess as long as problems will be taken care of in the end.” 

While volunteering, she has found that cats bring out the best in those around her, whether it be a customer lending a helping hand to someone dropping off a donation, or watching strangers connect to each other. When she isn’t at SAFe bringing smiles and comfort to us all, Amethyst studies Molecular Biosciences at Bellevue College. Bellevue College is also where she has a role as a student representative at the BC Governance Council for Inclusion and Diversity.  Additionally, Amethyst serves as Vice President of the student-led club on campus called Disability Pride, and also tutors other students. When time allows her to, she enjoys making kefir at home.

To Amethyst, volunteering is enjoyable because she is doing something good for herself and others. Being around kitties at the Rescue is even more energizing and improves her mood. She told us that it’s nice to feel like the cats enjoy her presence while she is providing food, safety, love, and comfort to them. “It makes me feel very valued!”, she says.

Although two hours for a volunteering shift makes it hard to interact with all the kitties, she always makes the most of her time at SAFe. Even on days when her shift may have her feeling tired at the end of the day, Amethyst has been determined to keep SAFe Rescue a clean, loving, and understanding environment. As a volunteer, she consistently exemplifies what it means to be caring. We deeply appreciate her generosity and kindness, and we couldn’t be more grateful.

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