Warm Fuzzy Tale: Nala’s One-year Update

Nala’s Backstory

Some of you may remember Nala, who arrived at SAFe with her four young kittens in September 2021.

Four kittens on a blue backdrop. Two black kittens, one tuxedo kitten, and one tabby
Nala’s four kitties: Clarabelle, Poppy, Thumper, and Toby

Before she arrived at SAFe, three-year-old Nala was having a tough time —suffering from dental disease, missing most of her front teeth, and having a painful abscess on her foot.

Despite the obstacles in her way, Nala was able to overcome these challenges—with the care and support of the Rescue and her foster family. In January 2022, after a long journey, Nala finally found a place to call home!

There’s No Place Like Home

Tabby cat looking forwards. Human hand petting the cat
Nala at the Rescue

It didn’t take long for Nala to settle in—her and her family immediately clicked! Shortly after taking Nala home, her adopters wrote to Rescue saying, “she has truly filled our home with more love than we could have imagined.” Recently, Nala’s family shared a one-year update, and her Warm Fuzzy Tale has only gotten sweeter!

One-year Later

In January 2023, Nala celebrated her fourth birthday, adorned with an adorable birthday outfit and surrounded by her family.

Medium haired tabby cat wearing a pink tutu dress and a gold sparkly birthday hat. She is standing in front of a chalkboard that reads "Nala's 4th birthday party"
Nala on her 4th birthday

Reflecting on the past year, Nala’s adopters wrote:

To say we are in love is an understatement. Nala has transformed our lives. Our family of two became a family of three. Nala has become a part of all our lives most important milestones (and we now get to celebrate her milestones as well). She is our constant companion. With her around, we are never alone. There is always unlimited snuggles and purrs. 

We are so happy to have been brought together. Never in a million years did I think a cat could bring us so much joy. Nevertheless, here we are… completely in love!! 

Human holding cat. Cat is wearing birthday hat. Gift bag with pink and blue wrapping paper sticking out. Tabby cat sitting in front of christmas tree that has presents under it.
Nala celebrating her birthday and the holidays

Nala’s story perfectly exemplifies SAFe’s mission and statement of purpose:

SAFe Rescue saves feline lives by taking in homeless cats, giving them the care they need, finding them loving homes, and supporting their human companions.

We believe each cat has inherent value and that humans and felines enrich each other’s lives. This bond builds compassionate communities with empathy for all living things.

Nala’s Warm Fuzzy Tale, is a tale of overcoming hurdles through love, compassion, and community support. Kitties have so much love to give, and Nala is no exception.

Happy (belated) birthday Nala, and thank you to Nala’s loving family for giving her a place to call home!

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